Blog 4 Leadership and Change

Mullins (2010) indicated that change is nothing new and a simple fact of life. Some people actively thrive on new challenges and constant change, while others prefer the comfort of the status quo and strongly resist any change. It is all down to the personality of the individual and there is little management can do about resistance to change” (Mullins 2010: 753)

Debating the statement

According to the current business environment, the many businesses has been changed by different management techniques, in addition, the individual would be changed by organisation changing management. Changing is very important for an organisation when there is something new happened in the organisation internal and external climate. For example, Nokia is a typical example of the change from success to the recession.

Management can do a lot about resistance to be changed but should adapt the changed environment. But the changes may resist by some individuals. The reasons of an individual do not want to accept the change may include lack of communication, self-interested, feeling excluded, skill dearth and lack of trust (Brookins, 2014). The managers should make sure all the employees should be well communicated and considered. For some personal excuses, a manager should prevent in advance such as developing trust and training employees (Johnson, 2016).

The reason for management change

Richards (2016) claims the reasons for why changing is important for the organisation, and the details are as followed.


Notice of crisis – The organisation would start to change when they notice that there is some crisis occurs in the market or in the organisation. The timely changing is very important for an organisation to avoid falling into the trouble and adapt to the changed environment as soon as possible.  

Customer requirement – The customer’s need is different than before and keeps changing in the current world. In order to, keep customer loyalty and attract more consumers, the organisation should offer the product or service that consumers needed. Thus, understanding consumers are the key for organisations. It is noticed that the diverse of customer and customers’ preference would change followed by the current trends. Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions would be a useful tool for the company to well understand the different consumers.

Growth opportunities – The change allows an employee to learn new skills because the employees’ capability should respond to the growth. In addition, offering employees opportunity can improve their creativity which also benefits organisation.

The role of manager in change process

Managers play the key role in the changing process in the organisation and the would also play the different roles in the different situation (Ionescu, Meruţă and Dragomiroiu, 2014). the managers could be the communicator, supporter, trainer, mediator, and manager’s resistance.

Lewin’s change management model is a suitable framework for people to clearly understand the organisation’s changing process, there are three steps in this model: unfreeze which is a preparation stage, change known as solidification process, and refreeze which could consolidate the expected result (McAteer, 2014).

屏幕快照 2017-04-03 12.20.14.png

As the above graph shown:

On the unfreeze stage, the company start to change our current stage. Organisation do this through challenging existing attitude, value and belief, the offer the substitute.

The second stage is changing and organisation turn to the new normal states. There are many uncertainty and confusion at this stage because the organisation is struggling to clearly understand the new thinking, behaviour and practice. This may block and doubt the organisation’s decision but it is the absolute process for success.

 The final stage, organisation refreeze the new pattern and build the new thinking and status. It provides the chance to find new opportunities for organisations development and this cycle is continued as organisation reevaluate the decisions and environment in the journeys.

 Nokia and Google

Nokia is a failed case for organisation changing. Because Nokia did not notice the importance of organisation changing, therefore loss the leading position in the phone market. The company should keep in a high awareness of current trend and adapt to the social trend in order to satisfied customers and attract more potential consumers.    Crear-una-campaña-en-Google-Adwords下载 (3)

Google the largest search engine in the world. There was no profitability for google before 2003. After Google launched the Adwords programme, google jumped from popular research tool to the advertising giant, almost overnight. 


The changing of the organisation plays an important role in business success. In order to keep the changing process fluent, the managers should consider if all the employees are willing to be worked in a changing process. The three-changing process is simple but is a never-ending part of the organisation which want to keep in the excellent performance.


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